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"Dolls is the only entrant that left me literally craving to read more. It is well-researched and smartly dialogued with almost no anachronisms to bounce me out of the story. The narrative is ambitious and mature. It feels like the work of a professional, experienced writer at the peak of his powers-- someone who is already established and has been around. It is totally pro work.  The same thing goes for the artwork-- clear, solid expositional skills, sophisticated visual storytelling that's clever and effective without ever becoming smart-ass or obscure. The period work is nearly perfect-- very authentic and well-researched. Daniel Cooney is clearly a student of history and not afraid to use reference."


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Frankie, the cross-dressing grifter is back along with those bawdy burlesque girls--Poppy, Mai and Rose as they'll discover what friendship and trust really means to one another. The stakes get higher as they close in on finding Rouletta's murderer in the midst of an all out turf war between the Irish-Italian-Asian crime syndicates in San Francisco’s seedy underworld backstreets during the Prohibition Era.


“If I ever bore you, it'll be with a knife.”

-Louise Brooks


This updated edition gives detailed instruction in all aspects of graphic novel composition--creating characters and plots, and transforming them into dynamic illustrations that tell an interesting story. Cooney introduces drawing techniques for visual narrative using traditional and digital tools.

Daniel is a passionate Social Studies teacher and illustrator currently working on his follow up to the 1920s crime story, The Tommy Gun Dolls Vol. 2 Double-Cross on Maiden Lane.

Cooney earned his BFA in Illustration/Cartooning from The School of Visual Arts in 1998 and currently finishing his Masters in Education from Fitchburg State University. Author/Illustrator of WRITING AND ILLUSTRATING THE GRAPHIC NOVEL and THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FIGURE DRAWING FOR COMICS by BARRON'S educational books. VALENTINE and THE ATOMIC YETI, creator owned published comic book series by Red Eye Press. Cooney, a California native, now resides in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

THE COMIC BOOK ARTIST'S WORKBOOK FOR PERSPECTIVE, his third book published by B.E.S. Publishing, is available everywhere that books are sold here and a U.K. edition for those aspiring artists living in the United Kingdom!

EMAIL: dancooneyart@gmail.com

Written for art students and beginners who want to illustrate for comics and graphic novels, this book provides a thorough grounding in drawing the human form. 

Seasoned author Daniel Cooney shows readers how to draw credible perspective from any point of view for convincing backgrounds and their relationships with the characters that inhabit them. This instructional book works like a journal filled with exercises for creating scenes in the context of storytelling. Practical demonstrations and interactive workbook grids to complete show readers how to enjoy the process as they develop their drawing mechanics and storytelling "chops." 


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Dana Valentine, an exceptional hired gun with many talents, finds herself in the most unusual and unique circumstances of her profession while shouldering the burden of her criminal past.

A crossdressing, gin-soaked grifter leads a gang of bawdy burlesque girls to avenge their friend's murder in Prohibition Era San Francisco, knocking off Mob-owned speakeasies for clues in this sordid tale of tragic romance.

The Atomic Yeti, which follows the story of a discredited journalist who arrives in a small Russian town to investigate the mysterious deaths of nine ski hikers, inspired by the real-life Dyatlov Pass Incident

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