Valentine made its debut at Comic-Con International in 1997 under Cooney's Red Eye Press publishing imprint. 


Dana Valentine, an exceptional hired gun with many talents, finds herself in the most unusual and unique circumstances of her profession while shouldering the burden of her criminal past.


This edgy and stylish action series explores the dichotomy of an assassin and the psychological after-effects of whose morally questionable profession has made her a liability to everyone she has ever met — in addition to herself. 


In a world where it's kill or be killed, it's Valentine's life that's become a death sentence. ​

Veteran comic book artist and writer Daniel Cooney takes us on an action-packed journey from New York City and rust-belt America into the vibrant countries of South America, where Valentine learns to master her skills as a professional killer. Bold, distinctive images flesh out the compelling work.

 “Scars never looked as good as they do on ex-CIA assassin Dana Valentine…
The Killing Moon promises even more bullets and bodies once Dana’s GTO crosses the New Mexico border”
– Tom McLean,

"Creator Dan Cooney has produced a gritty dark tale that features a female protagonist who could give Dirty Harry a run for his money in the bad ass category...This is a very edgy, hard-hitting series. There are no simple or easy answers."

“Valentine: Prelude To A Kill beats with the heart of a modern day Dashiell Hammett. HARD-BOILED, DIRTY AND UNAPOLOGETIC, better than any Bond yarn in my book.”
– Mark C. Turner,
“Valentine offers you a glimpse into the seamy, noir Ludlum-esque, Clancy-esque world of political intrigue and mayhem that lurks beneath today’s headlines.”
– Noel Hynd, Author of Conspiracy In Kiev 

Once upon a time, Valentine was optioned for a feature film with Nadia Tass set to direct based on the comic book series. Read about it here.